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Office Extension to Get Functionality Similar To Grammarly

Everybody has heard of the well-known extension for the browser google chrome. Many of us use it often; it goes by the name Grammarly. Other browsers, including Microsoft Edge, also support it, the extension is beneficial for correcting mistakes associated with grammar. It seems like Grammarly will be emulated by Microsoft, as the tech giant will have its own take on it, further delivering to the users. Microsoft will introduce this extension like a component of the google chrome office extension. Florian B, a twitter user detailed about the extension, connoting, it will be called as Microsoft editor and is right now under previewing. This extension can enable checking of the mistakes that users make related to writing and grammar. Other options also comprise altering the proofing language and showcasing synonyms as the suggestions for spelling.

A Big Leap for Microsoft Office Users

This extension can also assist in improving vocabulary. It is also possible to restrict and block specific websites from utilizing the features of proofing, further enhancing the speeds of loading. The office extension has been installed and reportedly checked in the browsers of both Microsoft edge and chrome, this has been tested on multiple platforms. However, the new feature of Microsoft editor is yet to be seen. If in case the office extension update ends up being catered to many users, then it will turn out to be a big leap for the tech giant. The company has already made provisions for grammar in their office word application. It is also common in the office 365 edition, hence further extending the features and tools will allow the writers and users much more convenience. There will be more updates to come related to this extension soon.

Sophia Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about office setup and Installation. She writes about the latest updates regarding how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



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