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Microsoft to End Support for Old Versions of Office By 2020

The package is a very versatile software that provides the necessary tools to the users to accomplish tasks at a rapid pace. However, the old versions are about to go out in oblivion. Microsoft plans to end official support for the packages that are too outdated including support for office 2010, 2013 and 2016. These versions will no longer be successful in accessing the facilities of the O365 cloud including SharePoint online and exchange online. One drive for business will be ending by October 2020 as well as Skype for business as far as the old versions of office program are concerned. There are several benefits for using the office 365 program as it has received numerous improvements and enhancements, unlike other versions. 

Ample Time Provided For Upgrades

Users do not enjoy the services offered the older versions as they are not up to date offering the newest provisions that more contemporary versions of office provide. Microsoft has provided office services for long enough and the same can be said for versions of 2010 to 2016. However, the updates will no longer be available for these versions as Microsoft plans to stop the updates services and fixing of bugs. There has been enough of notice period given to the users who have been using the older editions. The office 365 provides a much better worth for the users, the support for office 365 has been perpetual, and it has not been anything than less and is expected to receive continuous support. Users can always connect with cloud services, the office 365 is a subscription-based method. Users often have to buy subscriptions for getting access to office 365 edition. Microsoft has given ample time to the users who need to adjust to the newer editions

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